Friday, July 3, 2009

This will never freakin' end

LA Times article on what happened today.

So Insulza's visit did nothing at all. Why did he come at all if all he was going to do was keep pushing the issue and not give an inch?

Here we were, hoping that he would start a dialogue, but it seems like that wasn't his plan.

This is so damn depressing.


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Doug said...

Fig -
Insulza himself said that he did not come to negotiate, simply to present formally the OAS Position and possible hope for a comedown from the Congress or the Supreme Court. There was no other possible result.

I worry about the next few days, but unless there is a (even partial?) restoration, I fear for the worse. Obama has no reason to reverse himself, and as you said, that is the relation that matters.

In an earlier post you wrote about how both sides are now airing their point of view. But frankly, other than pointing out the obvious, that Zelaya is a bit of a freak show who has (unnecessarily) managed to tick off some important people, I don't see what the pro-Micheletti argument is. The whole Illegal/Unconstitutional thing is moot in my mind after Bayardo's admission of illegality in Zelaya's removal as well as Micheletti's partial suspension of certain constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties.

And as a practical matter, an endeavor that starts badly rarely ends well. You as an artist should know that.