Thursday, July 2, 2009

An article: maybe a way out? And a plea for silence.

LA Times article

1) Huh.
2) I find the comparison to Pinochet not only stupid but...kind of insulting to the people of Chile, considering what they went through when Pinochet came to power.
3) I don't like that he's using the lowering of the crime rate to promote the curfew. That just doesn't seem right. The curfew is already putting people on edge, and I don't want it to extend any longer than the government has said it will.
4) "Fabulous"? Not quite. It's not TERRIBLE, but it's not all peachy-keen either.
5) Early elections. Huh. I'll need to think about this one a bit, but my gut reaction is: maybe a good idea, but don't know if it would work. I doubt Zelaya will accept.
6) as someone pointed out to me just now: It's interesting that the OAS is condemning this for violation the democratic charter of the organization when only a couple of weeks ago they wanted to let Cuba back into the group. Amusing, much?

It's bizarre how quiet the city is. I have a really great view of one of the busiest roads in the city, and the only times I've ever seen it that empty is really late at night/after midnight.

And, to end with a non-Honduras related plea to the American media:

I know you sort of feel like you have to, and I know it touched a whole lot of people. And I'm not just saying this because of what's happening here. I'd say this even if this wasn't going on.

So please, for the love of God and his angels and his prophets and the name of EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY IN THE UNIVERSE:


I'm looking at you CNN Headline News. Fucking STOP it.

Though, at least it seems to be keeping that hag Nancy Grace quiet on anything else. Eeeugh.


Article on the Washington Post

Last link of the day because I am exhausted.

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