Wednesday, July 22, 2009



What the hell do these people want?!

Mr Micheletti: accept the proposal. There is no WAY they're going to let you get away with this. Give it up. It's FOUR months and with it you completely avoid any bloodshed, any financial repercussions, any of the complete chaos that is going to happen if you don't accept. For the love of everything holy take the proposal. What else do you expect? Honduras CAN'T survive without international help. Do you WANT Zelaya to come marching in here and remove you by force? What do you want? What do you expect will happen?

Mr Zelaya: Come to your senses and don't try to force your way back in here. You've already got the world on your side. You have a proposal. You are looking better than anyone else in here, but the second you start threatening a forceful return you destroy any chance that you're going to return here peacefully and unobstructed. Please reasonable.

It just makes me so incredibly angry. That Honduras, that the people, the POOR people that these two men claim to be fighting for are going to get royally screwed because they can't come to a peaceful agreement. Why go to the talks at all if you're not ready to give in a single inch on your positions? Why build up the animosity towards you?

So now we're standing on what could be the brink of a civil war, because these two gigantic egos can't come to an agreement. My God. It's FOUR MONTHS. Just because you can't accept that you were wrong doesn't mean that we should all get screwed over.

I feel so incredibly helpless right now. I am so angry I'm crying. It's so unbelievably frustrating to watch this ridiculous back-and-forth from two parties that completely refuse to stand down. But most of my anger right now is focused on Micheletti. Yes I understand that it's almost admitting defeat. But what would you rather have? War? An embargo? To have your people starve and panic because you can't accept the only peaceful solution to come your way?

OK. I better stop before I start crying from sheer frustration again. I've never been this angry before. Damn all these politicians.


Spender said...


I feel for you and also fear for you. It is my prayer that Zelaya not try to force a confrontation with the government through use of the military. I can only get American media coverage of the situation in Honduras but in an article written by Robert Lovato for 'The American Prospect', it appears that the very powerful CEAL (primarily controlled by the Atala and Canahuati families) is the primary driver of this coup and the installation of Micheletti as President is little more than an attempt at protecting their financial interests agains the policies of the left-leaning Zumaya. Granted, Zumaya is a litle too chummy with the buffoonish Chavez but COFADEH's report of over 1,100 human rights violations since the coup was initiated is very frightening. Murders and attacks on the media are not signs of good governance or interest in the welfare of the people.
I am watching this situation very closely.
You are in my thoughts and prayers for your safety and a quick, peaceful, democratic resolution to this crisis.

Rick said...

The primary driver of this constitutional change of government was an attempted coup by Zelaya. He would not have been removed had he not violated the constitution by trying to organize a referendum that is prohibited by the Honduran constitution. Spender, perhaps you have not heard of the discovery of the referendum results on the computers found at the Zelaya compound; results from a referendum that never occurred.

Hang in there Figgy. Allowing Zelaya back in to serve anything more than a prison term plays into the hands of Chavez, whom you have so rightly condemned.

Spender said...

Rick, you are correct. I had not been aware of the information on Zelaya's computers. As I mentioned, I have not much more than the U.S. media from which to gather information and they have a very pro-Zelaya bias. Thank you for the information. I'm trying to hear as many points of view as possible.

Figgylicious said...

You're both right. I'm just so very frustrated and, really, scared. Because if Zelaya isn't allowed to return, what's going to happen to us? The international community might not be ignoring Zelaya's crimes, but they just can't condemn anything he did. That is why his forceful removal screwed everything up. They're going to keep pushing for Zelaya's return, and in increasingly detrimental ways to Honduras. And with Zelaya's crazy buddies encouraging him, who knows what he's going to try next.