Thursday, July 2, 2009

A CNN article.

"My sense is that the international community will keep cranking up the pressure and I really doubt that the new authorities in Honduras will be willing or able to ... remain as a pariah state for even seven months until the new government takes over," Casas-Zamora said on CNN's "American Morning."

But for a settlement to work, Zelaya has to convince those now in power in Honduras that he is willing to meet them halfway.

"The institutions in Honduras need reassurance as well that Zelaya will respect their authority," said McCoy. "There's a lot to do for reconciliation. It's a deeply divided country."

From This CNN article.

I am glad that the media is acknowledging that rash actions are not the way out. Dialogue is the best thing that can happen at this point. Support or reject what has happened, I think things have moved too far for ultimatums and for a complete reversal of what happened. Whether I agree with that or not, it's just not feasible or advisable. I like that this article suggests that a middle-ground is needed. I wholeheartedly agree.

And to new readers: Please remember that I am not anywhere near a political expert. I'm a 25-year-old art teacher trying to come to terms with the situation my country is going through. My opinions are just that--opinions. And please keep the name of this blog in mind.

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