Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Expectations for tomorrow, and another article.

Oof, another tense, but ultimately peaceful day.

On the schedule for tomorrow:

-The new government is (finally) sending a committee to speak for "the other side" in Washington.
-There has been talk of a protest/march/strike by Zelaya's supporters, but they are just rumors. Won't know how true they are until tomorrow.
-Things will be pretty tense tomorrow, what with Zelaya claiming that he's absolutely going to return to Honduras on Thursday. Now...I don't think it will happen. He hasn't responded yet to the news that arrest warrants have gone up against him. But it IS encouraging that Washington and some other parties seem to be looking for actual dialogue on the matter, striving for a peaceful solution.
-Zelaya's claims could be, as usual, just talk. The hope is that he will see that returning so soon, after one day of talks, is irrational and will not help matters. He HAS to be aware of the sentiments of the Honduran people. As narrow as his views seem to be, he can't be wholly ignorant of the amount of dissent that has gone up against him here. Maybe that will make him pause and think.

That's it for today. I'll just link to yet another great article by the Wall Street Journal:

Ousted Honduran President Wins U.N. Backing--
Thousands of Demonstrators Support Sunday's Coup Against Zelaya, but the Exiled Leader Plans a Showdown in Capital

It's good, thorough and above all, fair. To both sides.


Marra Alane said...

People were talking about Honduras at work!* And I was all knowledgable and shit thanks to you; and now everyone thinks I'm super smart because I knew more about it than simply what was reported on CNN.**

*Which is exciting, because our last political discussion was about whether or not Bill Belicek would make a good governor. Concensus: he would.

**Which is practically nothing, but don't feel bad; they're just too busy discussing the incredibly important issue of where Michael Jackson may or may not be buried. Fucking media.

Sin said...

posting a great comment from that WSJ article, i couldnt have said it better myself. pretty harsh tone but i also hate obama right about now :(

Quoting Mike Coogan from WSJ comment section: This President and his Secretary of State are, no surprise, a complete disgrace. Honduras' actions to preserve the rule of law and it's constitutional democracy were in direct response to a rogue president that wanted to extend his term via illegal means in a direct affront to the country's constitution in order to become the next Hugo Chavez in the region - to the point of enlisting the Venezuelan dictator in assiting him and providing the tools to do so. In contrast to his "no-balls, hands off" approach to the Iranian uprising, the brave and loquatious Obama now sides with the tyrant-in-waiting, joining the Chavistas, the Sandinistas and the Castro-Brothers in condemning the "coup" and continuing to recognize the "demcratically-elected" president during his attempts to destroy the democracy that elected him and now allowing him to come to DC, after speaking to the UN - another disgrace, in some kind of sickening "show of suport" - I could just vomit. The government of Honduras was acting in defense of their democracy and put down an attempt by a sitting president to destroy their democracy and replace it with a dictatorship. They are also conducting an orderly, constitutionally prescribed transition of power to maintain their democracy until the normally scheduled elections due in November of this year can be held. This is a coup? Hardly. America has been the only true defender of Freedom and Democracy around the world - until now. Unfortunately, Comrade Barack is showing his true colors and supporting/buddying-up Latin American tin-horn dictators while allowing Iranians seeking freedom to die in the streets without so much as a word of support. This man is not qualified to be Dog Catcher, let alone President of the US. He should be removed from office before he completely destroys our economy, our freedoms and our national identity. Unfortunately, he's not the only one in this country that is lacking a set.

Ella said...

Figs, your coverage of this has been superb. I keep seeing all these articles from the New York Times and even NPR that this was a coup and that the only action is to reinstate Zelaya. It makes me angry, because it really is like no one is listening to what is really going on. Anyway, thanks for your perspective on this all, you rock :)