Saturday, July 4, 2009

taking a break after this.

Here's an interesting piece:

Miami Herald report.

A chronology of the events that led up to the events last Sunday.

And now:

After Insulza himself said that the time wasn't right for Zelaya to come back to Honduras, he has announced that he will come back tomorrow.

The OAS is in session right now to figure out what happens. Honduras chose to withdraw from the organization, but of course the OAS can't recognize an action from what they still consider an illegal government. And...if Honduras IS kicked out of the OAS doesn't that mean they're throwing out Zelaya as well, since they consider him the President of the country still? Hmm.

If he does come back tomorrow, it'll only end in disaster.

And me? I'm done for the day. I want one day and night where I'm not stressed out and wondering if the country will fall to pieces tomorrow. So I'm avoiding news until the latest possible time tonight. I just need a break.

So no comment responses, no more posts for today. I'm gonna watch bad movies and maybe have a couple of drinks and do nothing. Things keep going back and forth anyway that the constant speculation does nothing at all. I'll write when I have something concrete to report.

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