Sunday, July 5, 2009


Good God.

So after a group of people tried to break through the military surrounding the airport and storm the runway; after a reported two people were killed, Zelaya is STILL insisting that he wants to return.

His plane is overflying the city--we can hear it going around the airport. He's talking to TeleSur (the pro-Chavez network), saying how they won't let him down and that if the people had cleared the runway, he could've landed. So, after TWO PEOPLE have died, you are urging them to TRY AND DO THE SAME THING AGAIN? And you have the gall to say that you are coming in peace? that you want your people to be peaceful?! Really? You are almost LITERALLY urging them to try and storm the runway again, and yet you claim you want them to be peaceful?


And TeleSur is egging him on, telling he's a victim, that he should still try to return.

OK people, even if Micheletti not letting him in is a TERRIBLE idea, Zelaya has thrown aside the advice of the international community, the church, his OWN DAMN PEOPLE to not return to the country and he is STILL trying to come in? He is still urging the protesters to confront the military and storm the airport? really? is that REALLY the way that he wants to return? after a bloodbath?

Again--GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT. Leave! Go to El Salvador! Have some TALKS, for God's sake, and stop panicking the hell out of your people. Jesus. This is complete insanity.

I can still hear A plane going around. Don't know if it's THE plane. No one is saying if he's left for good or not. Good lord.

But really, Zelaya is an irresponsible, thoughtless man. Unbelievable. I do hope that the international community looks at what Zelaya could have occasioned and don't hold him as blameless as they have before. He was calling for civil unrest! Micheletti was wrong, but Zelaya was just as wrong. Unbelievable.

**EDIT 6:06pm**

Zelaya has landed in Managua? ok...I thought it was El Salvador, where all his buddies are. But who knows.

**EDIT 6:15pm***

Heh. Now the curfew is being moved from 10pm to...6:30pm. 15 minutes from now. Zelaya's supporters have JUST begun to disband, but come ON. Most of these people live MILES away from the airport. Micheletti makes a mistake again. Clearly they just want to put some of these people in jail. No other reason.

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