Monday, July 6, 2009

Lies upon lies.

Whee, new week. Things are still up in the air.

But really, the most disgusting and enraging part of the aftermath of yesterday's events is how Zelaya is using the death of a young man completely to his advantage. He shows up on TV, crying and denouncing that Micheletti's government is using tyranny and violence to repress the people who support him.

Listen, anyone dying in this story is a terrible tragedy. But please, Mr. Zelaya, stop acting like you yourself didn't incite the violent acts that these people committed yesterday. You were the one who was all "Rah rah fight for me!" and who despite warnings coming at you from every side, you still decided to try and enter the country. Again, Micheletti's refusal to let the plane in and militarize the airport was a bad one, but Zelaya knew perfectly well that his supporters were at the last of their patience. You KNEW that tempers were volatile. You were actually ASKING people to fight to clear the runway at the airport. And you dare to call yourself blameless in this?

And I would like to tell the world: don't believe, for one second, that Zelaya's supporters are not violent or have no violent intentions. It was them who decided to confront a contingent of SOLDIERS to try and storm the premises of the airport. It is THEM who go through the streets in face masks and carrying sticks and broken pipes. Open your eyes, people, and realize that these are some of the most violent people in the country, and that one simply does NOT go on a 'peaceful' march carrying sticks and stones to taunt soldiers with.

I've been watching the local news, and stories are emerging today from people calling in--teachers, workers--who were threatened by their unions to join the march yesterday or they would be fired. Now I have no doubt that some of Micheletti's supporters also used that 'strategy', but my point is to simply show that Zelaya's supporters are just as violent and underhanded as anyone else.

No one is blameless in this situation. And that Zelaya (and a LOT of the international media) has the gall to present himself as a martyr and a hero is just completely enraging to me.

And of course, because the last thing the teacher's unions here want to do is work, they're calling a general strike until Zelaya returns. Because really, what better way to show that you are working for the betterment of the country than by refusing to give CLASSES TO SCHOOLCHILDREN who bear none of the blame?

Everything about this is completely disgusting.

***UPDATE 7:16pm***

And really, how completely embarrassing that this man is sitting there next to these serious Presidents in his stupid cotton shirt and his straw hat pretending that he's a cowboy? He looks like a complete clown, and it's beyond embarrassing. I love how each of those hats costs thousands of dollars,! he's a man of the people! look at him! won't even wear a suit! MUST PRETEND TO BE HUMBLE.

What. A. CLOWN.

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