Sunday, July 5, 2009

*headdesk headdesk HEADDESK*

CNN Reports on what's going down today.

So. Acting against everything that is logical, prudent, advisable, safe and smart, our genius of an ex-President is on his way to Honduras right now.

Really. Return to Honduras...for what? You know you're going to be arrested. Or at least they will TRY to arrest you. You KNOW it's going to unleash crazyness amongst the population.'re still coming? Really? What earthly good do you think that'll do? You expect everything to go back to normal because you're here? ARE YOU DELUSIONAL?

And acting against everything that is logical, prudent, advisable, safe and smart, our genius of a current President has decided that the best thing he can do is issue an order to keep Zelaya's plane from landing.

Really. Keep a plane. From landing. Really? After all the time you've spent saying that Zelaya is perfectly welcome to return as long as he knows that he will be arrested when he lands? Really? You're going to close down and militarize the airport and...what? Keep a 747 from landing with your magical powers of persuasion? ARE YOU DELUSIONAL?

I am, at the moment, nothing but completely disgusted and appalled at the way these two men are acting. It's ridiculous, stupid and monumentally dangerous. No, why think things through and give way to compromise? Budge a little bit? No, let's just go and do the most impulsive, irresponsible thing we can do--we are the power! no one can stop us! screw anyone who gets in our way!

I am so embarrassed for my country right now. A gigantic mess is about to start because the people in power are too narrow-minded to see the world beyond them. Wonderful.

I'm just gonna go outside and scrub the yard very angrily so I can vent some of my frustration.


Oooh, how great. Now there's a big 'peaceful' march of Zelaya's supporters headed for the airport. I love how these 'peaceful' people are carrying sticks and broken pipes and wearing bandannas across their mouths. That really inspires confidence. Like Zelaya asked them to do. I bet they're gonna see the soldiers and just give them flowers and candy and all will be peachy.

***EDIT at 12:30pm local time***
Huh. So now we're hearing information that Zelaya has landed in El Salvador, after saying that it was the best move to prevent a violent confrontation. And that he's asking for a commission from the new government to go over there to 'negotiate'.

I hope it's true, if only because it might keep the people from going insane at the airport. Yow. That is a lot of people they're showing on TV.

And on the purely political front, this is a very savvy move from Zelaya. He'll look like a martyr and a peaceful man and thus gain more international support. Smart. And it'll make Micheletti look terrible. Very smart.

No official information yet, but it seems like it's true.

***EDIT AT 1:23pm***

Now they're saying that Z is still flying somewhere. Micheletti's people are saying that he's going to El Salvador. Telesur is reporting that he's coming here.

I am going to take a shower and ignore all these stupid rumors for a while until we have some actual information. Ugh.

***EDIT 1:45pm***

No new information, but I was thinking. Here's why Micheletti's move is particularly stupid:

Micheletti has been saying that if Zelaya does come back he will be immediately placed under arrest. If he had held to that ground as Zelaya flew here and Zelaya decided to change his course to El Salvador, Zelaya would have looked like a coward for fleeing his arrest.

As it is, though, Micheletti has given Zelaya a perfectly good excuse for not coming to Honduras as he has said he would. By giving the order that Z's plane would not land, M is looking TERRIBLE to the international community. If Z does decide to El Salvador, he can have the higher ground by simply saying that M is a liar and is abusing his power. This will give Z even more leverage internationally and it will make M look even worse than he does now. Z can call for a peaceful dispersion of his people, which will make him (and them) look peaceful and rational, which in turn might make people HERE turn to Z's side again. Politically speaking, going to El Salvador where all his supporters wait would be the smartest move Z can make at this point.

And it REALLY doesn't help that the government has now done one of the 'national broadcasts' where they take over every TV and radio station to broadcast their signal. This isn't rare, mind, Zelaya was particularly fond of the broadcasts. But by keeping the people uninformed (or at least UNILATERALLY informed), M is looking worse and worse. Which is exactly what Z wants. Very, very bad move.

***EDIT at 4:39pm***

Seems like Zelaya is on his way here. Supposedly he called in to Telesur about half an hour ago saying he was 20 minutes away. Some people have broken the fence and walked into the airport's runway and there was a small clash with the soldiers. Some wounded. Not sure about that but I'll check it out.

Still no one knows anything. I think the only thing I can do right now (another all-encompassing broadcast is happening right now) is um...look out the front yard of my house and look out for any landing aircraft...


Megan said...

I know the EXACT number of tickets being given away for Michael Jackson's memorial service. I also know how much Bo the Presidential Dog weighed when they issued his trading card. However, without your running commentary, I'd be more or less clueless about the state of Honduras. Move over Anderson Cooper, there should be awards for "accidental blogosphere reportage."

Doug said...

Fig -
I know you think this is big stupid game of chicken, but I don't see any other move by Zelaya. Micheletti's press conference was baroque and simply silly. Come on, Nicaragua geting ready to psychologically invade Honduras. That has definitely tilted the field in Zelaya's favor, together with the Military's apparent backing off.

Well see. Cross fingers that things end well.

Figgylicious said...

Yeah, Doug, that press conference was a complete waste of time.

What I hate the most is simply not knowing anything for sure. Is he coming? is he not? Is he in El Salvador? on the moon?

This needs to just end already.

Doug said...

Fig -

Telesur says 1/2 an hour. Seems a little early. I'm worried that he arrives when it starts to get dark and who knows the fuck will happen in the twi-light

Brody said...

IS it REALLY like that? Tell me REALLY how it is? REALLY? by the way, did you learn to speak english by watching "Friends"? Have fun dirt merchant.
Jack Random

Figgylicious said...

Brody: that is my favorite comment EVER.

Could you BE any more of a douche?

I'm gonna print out your comment and frame it. The 'dirt merchant' part is specially beautiful. Glorious!