Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quickie

So, you want to know what StatCounter says are the two things that bring people to this blog the most (aside from people coming from Pajiba)? ]

1) Hot men
2) People hating Jacob from TWOP

That's pretty hilarious. You wouldn't believe how many people come to my blog from googling "Jacob TWOP hate" or some variation thereof. I find it both amusing and really--what? relieving? that so many people seem to dislike that guy as much as I do. I haven't even looked at his True Blood recaps in ages (Cindy on Pajiba does a much, much better job and doesn't take 49 pages to recap one episode). Actually, I haven't visited TWOP in forever except to check the results of So You Think You Can Dance.

Can't say that I'm not curious. I might just write an update on it, though I feel dirty just looking at his posts and how he gives EVERY episode of that show an A+, which is ridiculous. But I might.

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Kolby said...

I actually really enjoy Jacob's recaps. They're analytical and well-detailed, and require you to think more about the theme and meaning behind each individual episode than you may have upon first viewing. I consider myself to be a fairly invested viewer, but he consistently catches details I've missed. I appreciate that.