Friday, July 16, 2010

Quickie! Airing of the Grievances: 10 Things That Gross Me Out

1. Men with really long fingernails. Ick. ICK.
2. Long toenails on everybody. CUT YOUR TALONS.
3. Feet, in general. But more than anything, people touching MY feet.
4. green peppers
5. Letting dogs get on the bed
6. Beer, the smell of beer
7. Incense
8. Hair Gel, men with lots of it in their hair
9. giant bugs of any kind. Even big butterflies gross me out.
10. Taco Bell

1 comment:

Blonde Savant said...

I'm sad that beer grosses you out. It's so tasty!
Also, HAH Taco Bell! Guh-ross.