Monday, June 1, 2009

A Sunday (but actually Monday or maybe Tuesday) Hot Post:

on my 5 Freebies. Because, let's face it, I love looking at these dudes and so will you. Because I have impeccable taste.

Not a whole lot of commentary with this, just a long and beautiful spam of photographs of one of the most perfect human beings on the planet (and one you've probably never heard about):

Reynaldo Gianecchini.

I've gone on about him before, but in a few words he's a brazilian soap opera star slash model slash theather actor slash minor god. I think I might go to Brazil. I'm sure my fiance won't mind.

So, enjoy!

**Oh, and in case you don't notice as you scroll down he'll be wearing progressively fewer clothes. Because that is how I roll.***

this smile makes rainbows happen

woo! wet shirt!


Dropout! said...

Oh my god. You were not joking. This guy is gorgeous, and the best part is that he looks like such a genuinely nice person. I don't care if he actually is or not, that's going to be true in my head.

Lizzie said...

Heeeeeeeeello Adonis.

Anonymous said...

I forgot how I found you, but I have you to thank for my newfound crush and obsession...mmmyep I have a bunch of his pictures on my iPod just in case I need a Reynaldo fix and have no access to the net. Reynaldo gives me a reason to want to learn Portuguese and move to Brazil. Wahah!

ps. you have the most exquisite taste in men!

Figgylicious said...

Heehee...I've never felt more flattered in my life.

If you can, you should look up videos or even DVDs of his brazilian telenovelas--the ones I've watched were Belissima (he was naked in that. A lot of the time), and Sete Pecados, where he's not shirtless so much but he still looks gorgeous. There's a few clips on youtube as well.