Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today is a day for lists.

Ten actors whose very existence makes me unreasonably happy:

1) Queen Latifah
2) Kate Winslet
3) Gary Oldman
4) John Malkovich
5) Julie Andrews
6) Liam Neeson
7) Emma Thompson
8) Alan Rickman
9) Geoffrey Rush
10) Allison Janney

Honorable Mentions:
-Tom Hanks (obviously)

Ten actors whose very existence makes me unreasonably angry:

1) Martin Lawrence
2) Katherine Heigl
3) Lindsay Lohan
4) Eliza Dushku
5) Ashton Kutcher
6) Patrick Dempsey
7) Kate Hudson
8) Megan Fox
9) Jamie Foxx
10) Adam Sandler (99% of the time)

Dishonorable Mentions:
Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and all those other faux-tinos.

That is all.


Just...how disgusting is it that Jamie Foxx has an Oscar but Gary Oldman or Liam Neeson don't? So. Freakin'. Wrong.


Mr. Controversy said...

It's because it's hard to choose Liam and Gary's best performances. It'll be even harder when they team up in the sequel to Taken.

Side Bar: Which would be cooler? Oldman vs. Neeson or Oldman and Neeson teamed up in Taken 2?!

Spender said...

An Oldman/Neeson team up would be unbeatable.

And may I say, ms. figgy, how nice it was to see Julie Andrews on your list? I have always loved her aand her voice.

Figgylicious said...

MisterC: I would watch Neeson and Oldman together as anything. "Batman Begins" made me so happy I almost burst. Though they were never on screen together, the fact that this movie had them BOTH (and Michael Caine, another Honorable Mention I forgot) made me ridiculously happy.

Spender: Thanks! I grew up with Ms. Andrews. She is like sunshine.