Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update 2

This is like a comedy of errors. Would be funnier if it weren't, you know, scary.

Our Congress, about an hour ago, read a letter of resignation from the President. Or so they claimed. Interesting, because five minutes before that the President had been giving a press conference from Costa Rica saying he would never resign.

So, Spanish CNN hears this and calls the President, who denies that he ever signed a letter.

Five minutes later the CNN signal is cut off.


Now it's coming out that the letter is dated June 25th. For some reason.

They're about to sign in the President of Congress as our next President. Because the President resigned and all.

Zelaya's supporters are saying they'll go on strike on Monday. Massive strikes, because he has the workers and lower class on his side.

Listen, I was against Zelaya's actions, but the response is ridiculous. Ousting him like this, faking a resignation, making a mess of things, is not the way to go. The international community is condemning the actions. So, what's likely to happen? Zelaya gets the Presidency back, returns as a hero. Or the Military stays in power and becomes heroes, setting us back 20 years ago. Or the president of congress stays in power, and people go insane.

However it ends it won't end today and it won't end simply. Christ. It's so fucking surreal I can't even tell you.

They're about to sign in Micheletti. And we have no one reporting on this here. One channel, is showing the Secretary of the Presidency calling for action and strikes and saying how all of this is a crime. CNN has been cut off. Eesh.

If this were a rational country here is what would happen, or what would've happened:

1) legal deposition of the President
2) President resigns, knowing that to do otherwise would create chaos and possible civil war.

But of course it won't happen.

The Supreme Court is approving of the actions of this morning.

Ugh. I'm gonna keep updating as things happen.

I need a drink, and I need to bake something.

And yeaaah...this is gonna make them give me a visa even FASTER! whee.

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Are you ok? I've been very worried about you and trying to hide it behind silly comments. Please email if you think there is anything I can do to help.