Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, this is scary.

You probably haven't heard, but the political situation in Honduras is getting ugly.

Here's a very short summary:

Our President, whose term expires this year, and who has done absolutely nothing for the country in four years, wants to stay in power. He's been hanging out with Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales and has taken to calling himself a revolutionary. But just saying it don't make it so.

So he announced last year that he wanted to install a fourth ballot (we have three--for President, Vice President and Congressmen) at the November elections, to have people vote on whether or not we want to convene a Constitutional Assembly to change the constitution. That he hasn't said a peep about in four years. That has no problems at all. He keeps claiming that the government needs to change, and I agree--we need to get him out of it. It makes absolutely no sense. But alright, so hold the vote. But to add the fourth ballot, he wants to conduct a vote this Sunday to ask if people want to have the ballot.

His own party, which elected a presidential candidate on last November's primary, has said that they agree to conduct a vote, but only AFTER this November's election. There is no money to hold a survey now. There are bigger problems. There are elections to be held. It is in no way feasible to conduct a vote right now.

But our President doesn't want to listen. He insists on doing the vote this Sunday. Insists. For months. Even after our Congress passed a bill prohibiting the vote. It is ILLEGAL. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. NO ONE WANTS IT. After the Electoral Assembly has said that they will not conduct a vote. The President's response to that? Well, I'll hire my own independent firm. Which is of course, COMPLETELY illegal as he will be using government money for it. Instead of, oh I don't know, helping combat the new wave of violence, or helping flood victims, or helping failing hospitals or our education. Our SUPREME COURT forbid the vote. By decree. What does our President do?

He ignores it. Completely. He insists and insists and insists on holding this illegal vote, claiming that the "people" want it. Oh, and just last month he forced every single government employee to get 100 signatures supporting the vote this Sunday. FORCED. Or they would be fired. It's beyond mind-blowing that he thinks he can get away with this. And he has said that if anyone tries to stop the vote, he has the Armed Forces behind him and they will help secure the voting areas.

Last night things turned very ugly. The Chief of our Armed Forces said he wouldn't support an illegal vote. So the President fired him. In support, the commanders of our Air Force and our Navy also resigned. The President said "OK then! *I'm* gonna be boss here!"

And this morning the Congress and the Supreme Court decided that the firing was illegal and that the Chief of the Army will be restored to his post.

And all hell seems to be breaking loose. As I write this the President is on his way to the Armed Forces Headquarters (about 10 minutes from my house) to pick up the materials to conduct the vote on Sunday. Ballots and such. An airplane from Venezuela has landed at the airport for some completely unknown reason.

There is overwhelming refusal to administer the vote. It's completely, absolutely illegal. But they insist. And yet the President's ministers keep insisting that this is the "people's will" and "the people want it" and "the people are supporting us!".

Yeah, the people you no doubt paid to be up with you.

Christ. All this because this one man--this ONE STUPID, STUPID MAN who has done nothing in four years to merit his staying in power--has decided to go mule-stubborn and fuck up this entire country.

It's...fuck, it's scary. Things are going to get ugly. This guy things he can get away with EVERYTHING and not listen to all the powers that are supposed to keep him in check.

I don't know what's going to happen. It makes me so angry, and so scared, and I feel so fucking helpless. So I hope that at least by making people aware of this through this tiny blog, people will realize what's going on here.

My brother was sent home from work. I called my mom, who's way over on the other side of town, and she said she was leaving work at 3. I'm worried that things will get ugly and she'll take forever to come home. Shit. I can't believe this is happening here. It's really unfuckingbelievable.

So, send your good thoughts and prayers. I think we might need them. I'll keep you updated as things develop.


Doran said...

Oh shit Figs, I hope everything turns out OK. The crux will really be the military and whether they support their Commanding Officers or the Presedent. Hopefully they make the right choice. Wishing for the best possible outcome.

Shadows of Dakaron said...

I understand your feelings. Peru's gone through so many revolutions on its own as well. My dad tells me stories of coming back from late-night parties and dodging tanks and patrols of soldiers. It is scary. And it can fuck things up royally. But sometimes things need to get shook up to settle things into a better place. Just because things were okay before doesn't mean that they can't get better after some tumultuous commotion.

Be strong, have faith, keep your family close, and be very very careful. We're all keeping on eye out for you.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Jesus, Figgy. You're in my thoughts. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.