Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, this has gone from scary to terrifying.

Oh, God.

We had a coup.

Woke up this morning to the sound of jets flying overhead, and I freaked out. Woke up and my mom told me "They've taken the President away!". The power was out. Radio stations were dead except for the Catholic radio. No one was saying anything. The only way we knew what was happening was that my brother's girlfriend lives about two houses down from the President and she said they were woken up at 5am by sounds of shooting and chaos as they took him away.

So we heard nothing for two hours, and finally the power's coming back. While the cable works and we have internet, none of the news channels are working, or any of the local channels. I've finally found a report and images on a Colombian channel that is doing a story on it. Pretty freaky to see soldiers everywhere.

The worst thing is no one is saying anything. Congress is in session. The next step would be to sign in the President of Congress as President until the November elections. one knows if that's going to happen. The military could easily seize power again. Or some other people could be working to set up their own government. And there's no way the President's supporters will stay quiet. Wrong or right, the President should've been deposed through Congress and not kidnapped and sent away to Costa Rica. It makes us look insane and there's no way anyone can condone that action. So even if things settle down there's no way it's going to stay like that, you know?

Blergh. And now we have that asshat waste of fucking life Hugo fucking Chavez saying that if they sign in the Pres of Congress "we're going to depose him!". Fucking asshat turd. Making everything worse.

So, it's a mess. No one knows what's going on. We're just sitting here and waiting to see what Congress does. So we're all at home, safe and waiting. The President's in Costa Rica looking pathetic. Congress is in session.

I have a massive headache forming behind my right eye. Eesh.

I'll keep updating.


Megan said...

Holy fucking shit. And all we can talk about here is Michael Jackson :x

Thinking of you and gnawing my fingernails. Thanks for the updates, and stay sane.

Lainey said...

Oh, Figster! I can't imagine how unsettling and downright frightening it must be for you & your friends and family! Please keep us updated, because as you know, the US media is pretty US-centric and we don't get much information here.

Please stay safe and out of harm's way. I hope this change (however dramatic and violent) somehow ends up being a positive change for your country.

Jeremy Feist said...

A coup? Holy shit! Are you okay down there Figs? Seriously...If you ever need a place to go, my apartment will be open to you!

Doran said...

You stay safe Figs. If shit gets hardcore, let me know, and I'll bring my smiting ass down there.

meaux said...

Figgy, I just heard about this on the news tonight! I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping safe and sound, and that this comes to a peaceful and positive resolution soon.