Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Madness, Cont.

Oh, so um, Honduras lost.

But that's OK really. I'm not as crushed as you'd think I would be, mostly because the mere fact that we're in this thing and PLAYING in it is enough for most of us. Plus we were missing our top three players and our coach, and we have a long history of well, sucking whenever it counts. We're good when it doesn't really matter. And Chile was just a better team.

I couldn't be happier that Spain lost, however. I've always hated that team and maybe now we have somewhat of a chance (probably not though). I have to say I'm thoroughly thrilled that the Big Guys are losing or underperforming left and right--Germany, Spain, France, England. Even Brazil didn't do so great. The only one really plowing through is Argentina, and they had a super easy group. I'm happy because I'm sick of seeing the same guys win, and I'd love for a first timer (just not Spain, please) to take the whole thing this time. I don't know who that might be, but I'll be happy as long as Brazil doesn't take another one.

So, anyway. Honduras plays next Monday against Spain. It should be a slaughter but you never know. Any smart team could figure out how to beat Spain at this point, I think. A tie is the best thing we can hope for, I suppose. I'll be rooting for Chile, though, because it's always nice to have a lot of latin teams in the next round.

In other tidbits:
-The Slovenia-USA game was hilarious fun. The referee was clearly blind, or drunk or something, missing what was really a wrestling match between the teams and discounting what was clearly a completely valid goal. Then Landon Donovan took his shirt off and I got distracted.
-Speaking of, I'm trying to collect Hot Men of the World Cup for a big Sunday Hot Post in a couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
-this second round (actually, beginning with the Chile-Honduras game) has definitely turned up the excitement that was lacking in the first round. There's been goals galore and hardly a tie anywhere. Keep it up!

I'll leave this up and write another chapter of The Pain next, just as to not confuse the two. It'll be up in a sec.


Sin said...

i think you forgot england in underperforming

my dad was retelling that we actually tied spain in a friendly not too long :) it's a glimmer. also, chile was just really darn good.

Figgylicious said...

ha, you're right! there's a chance! ALWAYS HOPE.

I was gonna wait til England played later, but I think their first game was damning enough, so I added them.