Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gratutious Shirtlessness is Our Guarantee

"The Ten Most Inexplicably Attractive Villains in Movies at TV

I made that! with some help, of course, from Doctor Who and Whedon fans (two groups to which I really, really do not belong to). Some of my favorites are there--Skarsgard of course (though he's technically not THE villain in True Blood), Sean Bean, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington. My ultimate Alan Rickman character is Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, though the truth is that with his voice, he's my favorite in anything he's in.

Anyway, the point of this (besides a Pajiba pimpin') is that I promised some shirtlessness at the end of the column. And then I realized that I hadn't posted any hot men in ages and ages, and that's hardly true advertising. On top of that, it's come to my attention (thanks to StatCounter) that my most popular posts seem to be, well, those containing the shirtless men. And hey, I like the attention so I might as well post some more.

So. Here's my latest celebrity crush in 5 easy photos. Because why the hell not, right? Plus what with the vampire (or pseudo-vampire anyway, when it comes to Twilight) theme that's been going on here lately, it only makes sense.

And so, because I want to make people happy, here's Alexander Skarsgard.

He wears this outfit quite a bit in True Blood. And it's a good thing he does, too.

No one has ever looked this good in a black tank top and vampire makeup.

In normal face. I normally don't even like blondes, but this one? Yow.

Couldn't miss the shirtless photo.

I think after that one, even Bella 'Klutz' Swan would say "Edward who? RAWR".

You're welcome.

PS: If you click on the 'Shp' tag right below this, you can get to all the shirtless posts I've made. There's...a surprising amount of them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I am not normally interested in blondes either, but there's definitely something about him. I don't really like that the latest book has the Trueblood cast on it, (some of them aren't even in the books any more!) but I'll take it for him.

And now I'll go wander through your other shirtless posts...

The Caustic Critic said...

Thanks a mil! I am a gigantic True Blood dork, (though I always fast-forward through Bill, who to me is the Frodo of True Blood -- necessary to the plot, but unbearably whiny and dull) and I am ALWAYS happy to see more Eric!

Cindy said...


Figgylicious said...

You're all very welcome.

Teabelly, I think for me it's just how TALL and lithe he looks. He's just very graceful and beautifully built. Long arms, long legs, that pouty look. Oh, my.

Sin said...

nice article dude, i added pajiba to my google reader a while ago, nice surprise to see you pop up :) also, i don't think i can abide by this guy...his eyes are freakishly close together and his forehead is ginormous...but nice abs :)

Trouble said...

That shirtless and in bed picture is now the home screen on my phone and I'm not embarassed to admit that! Thanks!

Figgylicious said...

Oh, Cynthia. You need to watch True Blood.

And keep reading Pajiba because it's awesome. I do the EE every Monday, too, don't know if you've seen that :)