Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not a Twilight entry, I promise.

Apologies for the lack of an update, but I feel completely exhausted today for some reason and I cannot even begin to think of Eddie Sparkles and Klutz. Maybe later today when I feel a little bit more alive.

I think part of the exhaustion just comes from my terrible sleeping habits. Now, I love sleep. I can sleep for hours and hours under the right circumstances. But therein lies the problem. My body and brain are incredibly picky about what the right circumstances are. It has to be very dark, very quiet, and the right temperature. If there's a noise somewhere it must be squashed or my brain will not let up on it. And we have a noisy fan, a very bright light shining outside our window and I sleep next to a walking furnace. So it usually takes me about an hour or so to get to sleep. After that happens I'm mostly alright, so long as nothing louder than a pin falling on the carpeted floor happens. I will wake up with ANYTHING. I don't know where the hell this comes from, but I am the lightest sleeper you can imagine. MrFig's turning on his side in bed can wake me up. It's infuriating, particularly because it takes me forever to go back to sleep.

And then morning comes and it sucks. I don't like mornings. Mornings should be banished from my life.

I light night time. And so, I go to bed way too late--12 at the earliest, but it's usually 2 before I close my book and go to sleep. So, I go to bed at around 2, far after MrFig is asleep. Then maybe the day before I got up to pee (tiny bladder also a problem) at 6:30, which means that the next day I will wake up at 6:30 whether I like it or not. Same thing about falling asleep--if the previous day I went to bed at 3 then by God you better believe I will not fall asleep until 3 the next day. It's terrible. So. His alarm clock goes off at 7:15. I wake up. He gets up and I try to go back to sleep, with my sleep mask on. Mostly this works. Then he has to leave for work anytime between 8 and 10, and I wake up again when he comes in to say goodbye. I love that he does this, and I usually get up after that.

Am I spoiled or what? Yes this is all because I don't have a job, but bear with me. So I get up, I stumble around, exhausted because I had about 5 hours of very broken-up sleep and then I'm just annoyed at the world. Thus the exhaustion.

Christ, I just spent like 3 pages explaining my sleeping habits. I'm sorry.

Point is, I never feel like I've gotten enough sleep. Hopefully now that I can get a job I'll be able to correct this and have a decent sleeping schedule. I think the last time I had one of those was...hell, probably in High School. Because then college happened and I was all over the place. Then I started working at the high school and that meant getting up at 5:30am...but I would spend the night chatting to MrFig on the computer, sometimes until midnight. After that it was still talking until all hours of the night, and I'd be woken up by noisy neighbors.

This all just means I'm an idiot with too much freedom with my schedule and that needs to end soon because I'm not getting any younger.

OH! So in other, actually important and not totally boring blog updates, I FINALLY got my Work Permit from the USCIS. Six months after I entered the US, but YAY! This means that not only can I get a job, but I can open up a bank account, I can learn how to drive and actually get a car, I can get a library card, I can, well, do pretty much anything. I still can't leave the country (I'll need permanent residence for that and that's still about a year away), but like before I can travel around the country itself. So, yay!

I need to start looking for jobs pretty soon. I'm hoping to get my teaching certificate and just go to town with teaching. I'm not sure if I'll stick with Art--I'm getting more and more interested in teaching ESL or something like that. I have high hopes that with the fact that I'm bilingual and have two years' experience I won't have too much trouble landing a job, even if it's part-time. So wish me luck.

So that's that. An entry on sleeping habits and my work permit.

Maybe later I'll make a cherry pie and update The Pain. For now, I need to just sit around on the couch some more and enjoy the days before I go back to the workforce.

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I am a saucy wench said...

omg we have the same sleeping conditions ;)

dude... your "the pain" series is awesome btw... my friend brow beat me into watching New Moon last night and I kept refering to them as Eddie Sparkles and Klutz... it was... almost unbearable if not for me and my hubby MST300K on that beotch...