Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday of Reckoning...

A quick update on yesterday's post, mostly for my own reference:

1) We lost. On a really cheap penalty kick. Because Mexico sucks so bad that they couldn't beat us properly even when we were playing horribly, so they had to go and fake their way to a victory. Then kept falling over ridiculously to make the time pass by. God I hate that team so very, very much. We're still in the running, and just need to beat the US (hard) and El Salvador (easy) to get into the World Cup. We just need to get in third place. Please. PLEASE.

2) I love Glee. So very, very much. It makes me happy. The scene with "Gold digger" and the teacher rapping just completely slayed me. God I love when something is just completely happy with itself. It's so contagious. It really just made me completely joyful.

3) Oh, Tyra. This is going to be an amazing season.

4) That cake was glorious.

5) no package. But here's an update: I love my fiance. Take that cheese and run with it.

One more day to Beach Day. Huzzah!

Other good thing:

I am 69 books into the Cannonball. I loved Neverwhere. Very, very much.


Xtreme said...

Oh Figgy, not Tyra, please no, for the love of Godtopuss, NOT TYRA!!!

Figgylicious said...