Monday, September 21, 2009


So Manuel Zelaya snuck back into Honduras in the middle of the night.

He's holed up in the Brazilian Embassy.

He says he'll turn himself in to the authorities for a judgment. He hasn't yet.

Micheletti has issued a 7am-6pm curfew for the whole country tomorrow.

They don't give a damn, they're not the ones who have to miss work or school or LIFE tomorrow.

So what you'll have is a tense and possibly panicking population holed up in their homes and no one reporting on anything.

There is NO WAY this will end well.

And I am so deathly tired of this shit. Just completely fucking exhausted with these people. Damn them all to hell.

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Spender said...

I've been monitoring this pretty closely via The Huffington Post and BBC Online. My biggest fear is that the situation may turn violent and I pray that isn't the end result.
Please keep us posted Figgy. You've got a lotta love out here and we're thinking of you.