Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grounded in our rooms.

What a royal mess.

I don't really have a lot of news--no one is reporting a damned thing. I suppose that with everyone grounded in their houses until 6pm not even the reporters can get out. Though of course one wonders whether they would report anything even if they could.

The city is just completely, eerily quiet and empty. What we hear is that at dawn a group of some 300 people who had been camping in front of the Brazilian embassy were removed by force and there were quite a few wounded.

This curfew is insane, and I'm sure that many people are going to be swayed firmly into Zelaya's side because of it. And if the government's stance (of...ignoring Zelaya completely, or so it seems to me) stays the same, and the curfew is extended (good lord don't let that happen) I think Micheletti's support will dwindle and turn into outright hatred.

Nothing is happening. Just nothing. As usual we're just sitting around, helpless, while these idiots do absolutely nothing but punish the population because they won't budge from their stupid, stubborn positions.

"Infuriating" doesn't even begin to cover it.

I think I'm just gonna ignore the news, watch some lemurs on Animal Planet (as long as I can, I wouldn't be surprised if the power or cable were shut off) and keep grumbling that these bastards better not fuck up my birthday tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Figgy, that sounds wretched. It must be unbelievably stressful to be helpless in the middle of all of that shit. I just hope that your internet stays up so you can come and play over at Pajiba. I'd say you can come and play at my house (and not in the pervy sense), but somehow I don't think that is feasible.
Offer stands though. Portland OR is lovely this time of year.
Lindsey, with an 'e'