Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ha. Haha.

So the curfew has been changed, so that we're allowed to go outside today from 10am to 5pm. The resistance movement quickly grouped together at one of the universities for a quick march, and the rest of the city...well...

I guess the rest of the city decided to go as quickly as possible to the nearest supermarket or gas station.

My uncle tried to go to the supermarket nearby, but almost immediately turned back when he saw that there was a LINE outside it to get it, and that people were trying to get into the gas station well, any way they could.

This isn't or all that scary. It's usual for whenever Hondurans feel a little bit of panic. Before storms that never come, before protests...hell, sometimes even before a football match in case people get too angry the next day. Still, I'm just hoping people keep their heads and nothing crazy happens, as it easily could.

Mom and I are just gonna sit at home, and we've ordered a few extra groceries from the little market down the street. I don't really know what else is going on outside--probably not much outside of people who've been stuck at home for a whole day going outside and SPENDING because god forbid we go one day without getting stuck in a traffic jam. Oh, Tegucigalpa. You batshit crazy city.
Anyway, I'll celebrate my birthday by making a giant cake and eating pizza with the family, watching Spirited Away for the awesome, and maybe drinking.


A very brave friend went out today and took these photos:

I think you can get the idea of just how unbelievably CROWDED this supermarket is. Just the thought of going in there right now freaks me out.Eeeesh.

Cars almost literally piling into a gas station.

These are from the local paper El Heraldo:

Madness, I tell you. But understandable, considering that no one knows when this craziness will end, since no one in the government is saying a damned thing.

I don't quite get the madness for gas, though. I guess it's more of a knee-jerk reaction. That and Hondurans just LOVE to waste gas.


Sin said...

Dude! Happy Birthday! Leda me chismeo que tenes tu papeles? o que tenes nuevas noticias? esa maje no sabe nada :) so if the storm continues back home i may be stranded here for christmas...which, surprsingly, ends up being a win since i can come see you...just so you know

cindy said...

Happy Birthday figgy! I'm sending out a wish that the shitstorm ends quickly.

Rick said...

Happy birthday, Figgy. Stay safe.