Friday, September 4, 2009

And then there was one...

So my little brother's gone off to study in France. Yeah, that France. The one I've never been to. No I'm not writhing with jealousy. Not at all.

But, anyway, what this means is that I'm the only one left at home with my mom. Where this house has always played a sort of hotel for people and has rarely if ever been empty, it's now almost completely devoid of life. My older brother's studying in Tampa, my sister's in Iowa, my second brother's in Taiwan and now this one's gone off to Paris. And soon (Good God I hope so) I'll be gone to Texas. And while a part of me is all sad, and another part of me is all annoyed because I was supposed be gone by now (waah! waah!) and yet another part of me is hoping the big empty house doesn't scare me too much (it will though) the biggest part of me (there's a lot of parts, see) is slowly trying to come to terms with the basic concept:

I AM AN ONLY CHILD. Like, suddenly, after 25 years of sharing a house and food and toys and bathrooms and EVERYTHING with 4 siblings and two parents and now it's just ME. And I get to do WHATEVER I WANT. I get to buy snacks and not have to hide them. I get to take hour long showers because I can use all the water that 5 people aren't using. I get the internet all to myself. I get to go out to eat and my mom won't have to worry about going bankrupt trying to feed 5 hungry people. I GET TO STEAL MY BROTHERS' AWESOME DESK AND COMPUTER CHAIR. THE COMPUTER CHAIR, PEOPLE!


Oh, the freedom! Oh, the humanity!

No, really. Every couple of seconds I think of yet another awesome thing I get to have all for myself for these precious months I have left here.

I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually and I'll start missing them all, but for now I'm going to enjoy the fabulousness.



Deistbrawler said...

Imagine your mom when you leave.
She will either enjoy being alone again, or she will get really depressed and go insane.

Spender said...

Oh, was the reverse for me. I was the oldest of five kids and the only boy. My dad was usually absent so all that I had in the house were sisters who made sport of my manly-manliness in ways I can't begin to describe without consulting the Geneva Conventions Rule Book.
At the age of 16 (yes, 16) I lied about my age and, with a pal, rented a house on the other side of town. GLORIOUS! I can understand how you feel... freedom is a sweet, sweet thing. OH! You can still go to Paris... Paris, Texas. North of the DFW Metroplex. Enjoy the wine and cheese...bwahhhhahahaha!