Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So these people have extended the curfew to ANOTHER 24 hours. Jesus Christ. Supposed to end at 6pm tomorrow.

There's people who haven't had electricity all day. People who have no food, or water.


I am so beyond angry right now. If I don't hit something soon I'll just pass out from rage.

So again:



Now that I'm less angry:

This is just moved into really scary territory, folks. I mean, really, I can understand why they've issued the curfew, or at least I can understand their reasoning. But they also seem to be forgetting the kind of people they are dealing with here. They know that Zelaya's supporters come from the most populated (and poorer) sections of the city. Meaning they don't have to go very far to talk to each other. They know that they are volatile, quickly moved to anger and violence. They know that they are very well organized. And yet...their solution is to keep everyone holed up at home for 48 hours? Their solution is to let anger, violence, revenge, boil up in people for days while they in the government shuffle their feet and issue meaningless declarations and nothing moves forward? They're making people panic about food, about water, about what's going to happen. And not one of them is coming forward and giving an actual, concrete plan on what is going to happen. Just empty declarations and vague promises. How long are they going to keep this up? How long before people just blow up?

And if today is any indication, nothing is going to happen tomorrow. Tempers will get hotter as leaders go into their secret hour long meetings where nothing is decided except to keep doing nothing, and the curfew will be extended for God knows how long.

This is a nightmare, and I'm just wondering if there is ANY way that this will not end in some disaster. The ONLY positive thing I can think of is that finally, after months and months of uncertainty, SOMETHING might finally happen to end all the bullshit. So all I can do is just hope that this final resolution will be peaceful. That these people will move from their stances at least a little bit.

SOMETHING has to happen, is my point. And all we can do is sit here and hope that that something won't be disastrous.

I just wanted some cake for my birthday, dammit. That's all I wanted.

I just heard the Brazilian secretary of state (I think) talking on CNN about what happened. I liked the solution that he gave:

Micheletti needs to open up the airports again, call for a real negotiating committee, let Zelaya sit quiet in the Embassy while they work things out, and just end this peacefully already. Call off the curfew, tell people that things WILL Be worked out peacefully, have Zelaya tell his followers to go to work and wait while they fix this.


Yeah, that's gonna happen.

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cindy said...

Hang in there girl.

I'm sorry your birthday is surrounded by a shitstorm.