Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Predictions 2010

There's really no reason for me to do this, as I've seen a grand total of 3 of the 10 Best Picture nominees, and even fewer from the other films nominated for stuff. But, I want to, just based on word-of-mouth and other people's predictions. So, here goes:

Best Picture:
I really want The Hurt Locker to win, if only so it'll make James Cameron shut up (I can dream). I think it will, because the Academy loves to be all holier-than-thou and really doesn't like awarding fantasy films. To be completely honest, I liked, but not loved The Hurt Locker. It was good, but not THAT good. But I hope it wins, just because I want a woman to get top honors. The only others I've watched are District 9, which was amazing but has no chance of winning, and Up will win Best Animated Feature, so it's out of the running here.

Best Director:
Kathryn Bigelow is my pick. But James Cameron might snatch it away, because of what he did with Avatar. Whoever wins this won't win Best Picture, I think. That almost never happens.

Best Actor:
I've only seen Jeremy Renner's movie. I don't think he'll win. I'll give this to Jeff Bridges just because he's awesome and it's about time he won something. I wouldn't be surprised if Clooney won, though, because apparently he's great in that movie, but I want The Dude to get it.

Actor in a Supporting Role:
I have seen NONE of the nominees here, but from everything I hear anyone except Christoph Waltz shouldn't even show up. I love Stanley Tucci, but I don't even want to watch The Lovely Bones.

Actress in a Leading Role:
Oh! I actually saw Julie and Julia! It was pretty much a terrible movie, but I did love Meryl Streep in it. Carey Mulligan will win though, because that's what I've been hearing. I'd LOVE for Gabourey Sidibe to win, because she's a fount of joy and I love her, but maybe she's too new to win such a big prize. Then again, I've never heard of Carey Mulligan, so who knows. Helen Mirren already won. Sandra Bullock's nomination is almost insulting.

Actress in a Supporting Role:
From what I hear, no one but Mo'nique should win this, even if I hate her apostrophe. She's a pretty cool chick though, so I hope she wins. I really want to watch Precious (screw it, I'm not writing that whole stupid title), but I'm also scared to. The dark horse here could be Anna Kendrick, though she bugs the hell out of me for two reasons: 1) she was in Twilight and 2) she was in Rocket Science, which I loathed. It's not fair because she's a good actress, but there you go. Gut reaction.

Animated Film:
I'm 90% sure Up will get it. It was a great movie, not my favorite from Pixar but it was another solid flick. I would love for Coraline to take it though, because it has some of the most gorgeous animation I've seen in years, and I love stop-motion stuff. Haven't seen any of the others, but I'm dying to see The Secret of Kells.

Art Direction:
I saw Sherlock Holmes and wasn't really impressed. I think Avatar will take this one pretty easily.

Avatar will take almost all the technical categories, I'm sure. Like Titanic did--none for acting or screenplay, plenty of technical ones. Looks like it deserves them, too. I saw two of these! yay Harry Potter.

Costume Design:
Sherlock Holmes should've been nominated. Hmm. Based solely on how the Oscars usually work, The Young Victoria will win. They love them some period pieces.

Documentary Feature:
uuuh...any holocaust movies? No, really, they always win. I don't see any, though. So we'll go with the Burma movie because it's the best subject. What the hell do I know?

Documentary Short:
Um. Let's go with the China one. For no reason other than it's first on the list?

Film Editing:
Avatar, though I loved what they did on The Hurt Locker. It was so incredibly tense all the time, and the editing was brilliant.

Foreign Language Film:
A Prophet, because it looks fantastic.

I have no idea what El Divo is. Let's go with Star Trek because I really liked the makeup on people and I actually saw it.

I want Up to win because of how sweet the score was. But I think Avatar will take it.

Original Song:
I haven't heard any of these. Let's go with one of the Princess and the Frog songs, because Disney almost always wins these. Though I'd love for the dude named T-Bone to win.

Short Film Animated:
Wallace and Gromit are awesome, so let's go with that.

Short Film Live Action:
Uh. I have no idea. Let's go with The Door just because.

Sound Editing and Sound Mixing:
Avatar. I have no idea what the difference between these categories is.

Visual Effects:
Avatar. Star Trek had way too many damn sun flares.

Adapted Screenplay:
An Education because NICK HORNBY. YES.

Original Screenplay:
Give it to Tarantino. Just because the idea was awesome.

That's it! Stay tuned to see how right or wrong I was.

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