Sunday, March 7, 2010

A gut reaction to the Oscars.

Some very quick notes on the Oscars:

1. Katherine Bigelow RULES.

2. For all this 'most successful movie of all time' bullshit (and it IS bullshit, for many reasons), Avatar took what, 2 Oscars? Just because a movie is pretty and makes money does not make it a good movie.

3. Sandra Bullock winning for a mediocre performance in a mediocre movie is just plain WRONG. I like her, and I like her movies, but come ON. That was ridiculous. Five seconds of any of the other actresses' performances looked better than her entire role in that movie. She shouldn't have won for this. What probably happened was that the vote was split between all of the others and Bullock managed to eke out a win by a slim margin. Still, very wrong. And she looked completely surprised by it, something about her body language said she didn't think she deserved it. And she was probably right.

4. Gabourey Sibide was hands-down the best dressed woman there. Loved her so much.

5. Good lord, but I hate Oprah Winfrey.

6. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were terrible. TERRIBLE. Their entire schtick at the start was painful and far, far too long. It had no life, no chemistry, no humor in it. It was cheap, is what it was. So low for these two actors. And Baldwin looks massively uncomfortable up there. Goes to show that just because a guy is hilarious at presenting awards and receiving them, doesn't mean that he will be good handling a crowd this size for so long. He looked angry and awkward. I'm going to start a rumor that they had a huge fight before the show and that made Baldwin pissed at Martin. Maybe the fight was about how terrible the writing was. Because, dude, that was terrible.

7. Speaking of Dudes, I'm so glad Jeff Bridges won. I love him and his entire family.

8. That thing where they have random people talk about the nominees for Best Actor and Actress? THAT NEEDS TO GO AWAY. Everyone looks so awkward, and the nominees look uncomfortable and that just needs to stop NOW.

9. Really, I did NOT expect Hurt Locker to win so much. It makes me happy. I love that a woman FINALLY won Best Director, and I love that this one quiet, thoughtful movie took home the award.

10. Interpretative dance needs to DIE. That was painful to watch.

11. I really, really need to watch Inglorious Basterds. Whoever is hogging it on Netflix needs to GIVE IT UP.

12. The Academy's sad attempt to draw in the young ones by bringing in the Twilight morons and She Who Shall Not Be Named Who Sounds Looks Like a Chipmunk was excruciating. Taylor Lautner can't speak a word without looking like an idiot and Kirsten Stewart always looks pained and angry. Keep them on MTV.

13. I still hold to my view that 2010 was a terrible year for movies. Really, if they had to draw from the likes of The Blind Side, you know they were in trouble.

14. Most of the dresses were gorgeous this year. There were a lot of the big, flashy, impressive dresses that I love to watch. But there were also some hideous things out there, the top 3 Most Hideous Looks Going to Charlize Theron (lovely color, creepy things grabbing her breasts), Jennifer Lopez (looked like the mesh people used in the last Project Runway challenge), and the absolute worst being Sarah Jessica Parker (bad hair, bad makeup, horrible shapeless dress with horrible accessory plopped in the middle). Runners up were Vera Fermiga (in a dress that would've looked better on someone else, and with different makeup) and Miley Cyrus, who just looked out of place as usual). Most WHAT IS THAT look goes to Zoe Saldana, no discussion.

15. People need to stop kissing George Clooney's ass so much. Yes, he's charming, but it's been done before. Just let it go, people.

Overall an OK show. The truth is that I feel there weren't enough great movies or performances to get excited about this year. Not enough flash, too much of the quiet stuff that no one saw. I hope 2010 is better.


Jen K said...

8. I much preferred it when they just showed clips of the performance - that just seemed like way too much ass-kissing. At least Collin Farrell tried to keep his bit funny, but seriously, by that point of the night, people just want it to end (I was watching it at a friend's house and she was about ready to kick me out). But yes, you are so right.

12. I couldn't believe they paired her with Amanda Seyfried, who can actually act and is rather classy. Seriously, I would be insulted.

14. What was with SJP's hair - that whole look did nothing for her. I also hated Vera Farmigia's dress and thought I might be alone in that. I loved Penelope Cruz's though, and thought Monique's was simple but such a great color. Also, it won't make any best dressed lists, but I really liked Sigourney Weaver's dress.

Anyway, just wanted to comment since I agreed with much of what you were saying.

Cindy said...

Spot on.