Monday, March 8, 2010

I suck at predictions, and some more thoughts.

Movie -- right! 1/1

Director --right! 2/2

Actor -- right! 3/3

Sup. Actor -- right! 4/4

Actress -- wrong! 4/5 (ARRRRGH DAMN YOU BULLOCK)

Sup. Actress -- right! 5/6

Animated -- right! 6/7

Art Direction -- right! 7/8

Cinematography -- right! 8/9

Costume Design -- right! 9/10 (knew it)

Doc. Feature -- wrong! 9/11 (should've known dolphins > Burma)

Doc. Short -- wrong! 9/12 (eh)

Editing -- wrong! 9/13 (I'm glad I was wrong)

Foreign Film -- wrong! 9/14 (honestly surprised)

Make-Up -- right! 10/15 (heh. though really not deserving)

Music -- RIGHT! 11/16 (yay Up!)

Song -- wrong! 11/17 (stupid Avatar)

Short Film Animated -- wrong ! 11/18 (stupid French)

Short Film Live -- wrong! 11/19

Visual Effects -- right! 12/20 (obviously)

Sound Editing/Mixing -- wrong! 12/22 (glad I was wrong)

Adapted Screenplay -- wrong! 12/23 (hmmph)

Original Screenplay -- wrong! 12/24

Sheesh. 50% right. This is what I get for not believing in The Hurt Locker enough, though I blame lingering bad memories of Titanic winning everything. I thought the Academy would suck up to Cameron again, but I'm very glad it didn't.


Some more thoughts on last night:

- WHY did they line up the nominees at the start of the show? They looked like cattle, and it was completely pointless. And THEN you give us 10 minutes of each getting their asses kisses by peers? STOP IT.

-Maybe it was the booze, but I really thought Ben Stiller was funny. It was probably the booze.

-The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award must feel insulted that they took it out of the show. In favor of an interpretative dance montage.

-Good on them for honoring John Hughes, but they should have done it while he was, you know, alive.

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Mr. Controversy said...

It's ok Figgster, I didn't believe in The Hurt Locker either. Though my reasoning probably differs from yours, seeing as I felt it was an inferior film to many of the competitors.