Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second Edition of the Sunday Hot Post!

Another edition in the highly popular Sunday Hot Post, to try and get you through the last few hours of the weekend in a happy place.

This week I decided to go for hot men that most of you will probably not recognize. A couple are very popular outside Latin America and Spain, but hopefully you'll discover someone new.

I hereby present:

The Top 5 Hottest Latin Gods

1. Reynaldo Giannechini

Soap opera and theater actor from Brazil. He's in my list for Top 5 Best Looking Men Alive. Yow. In fact, he deserves another photo:

mmm. moving on.

2. javier bardem
Spanish. Incredibly good actor. Unbelievably good looking.


3. Juanes
A hugely popular latin pop/rock artist from Colombia. Hot AND has a great voice.

4. Valentino Lanus
Mexican soap opera actor. Not a great photo perhaps, but he's gorgeous.

5. Rodrigo Phavanello
Another Brazilian soap opera star. He played my favorite character in a soap opera I watched recently, and I just completely fell in love with him. He's not even my usual type, but he's just so damn cute. Gets two photos cos I couldn't find one in a decent size.


Oh, and just as a bonus extra: during the course of my 'research' I found this great photo showing you just how much Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan resemble one another:

To quote Pam Beasley: "It's like, second drink!"

Hope this helps you fight the Sunday blues. Have a great week!


Jeremy Feist said...

All I can say is, *drool* JAVIER BARDEM *drool*

...ahem...that is all.

meaux said...

*wipes drool from chin* Um, yes...I'll have a #1, #4, and a #5 wrapped up to go, please? 'Kay, thanks!

amanda said...

Whoa. Javier Bardem is just... whoa.

And who knew that he and JDM could be brothers!?

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Wow, they really do look alike.

I will totally fight you all for that #1 guy. Mmm mm mm mm mm. Dee-lish. Thanks, Figgy!

Figgylicious said...


You're all most welcome ;)

I swear, AvB, #1 is just beyond perfect. It's a little freaky. Like, humans shouldn't be allowed to look like that, you know? Not fair.

jM said...

Javier and JDM:


Mmmm. I smell threesome.