Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introducing the Sunday Hot Post

Presenting the first [blogspot] edition of the Sunday Hot Post!

As the name implies, every Sunday (because we all need something to brace us for the upcoming week) I will be posting a "column" dedicated to the best of the ridiculously good looking people out there. Because I can, because I want to, and because everyone likes looking at pretty people. It's my blog and I'll indulge if I want to.

so, to start us off, I present...

Five Hottest Men Currently Working in TV: The Figgy Edition*

*For all intents and purposes this means you're wrong and I'm right.

In order of hotness:

1. Jon Hamm (Mad Men, 30 Rock)

I've already expanded on the subject of the lovely Mr Hamm before. His recent appearances on 30 Rock have only made him seem more charming, more ridiculously handsome, and most important of all, more likeable. He doesn't seem to have any of that self-loving swagger that so many "hot" celebrities carry around. He's funny, smart, and refreshingly approachable. Of course, this last just means he'd probably be easier to stalk.

"There has to be a mathematical formula for how handsome I am"

2. Naveen Andrews (Lost)

There is no one who could kick more ass than Sayid does. Not only is he a righteous badass with a sensitive side, but he's also the smartest man on Craphole Island, and refuses to take bullshit from stupid Jack the eternal crybaby, or anyone else. Andrews plays the role perfectly, making Sayid one of the best and most complex characters on the show. And the best thing about him? He spends almost the entirety of the show wearing tiny, tightly-fitting shirts and permanently sexy wet hair.

3. Josh Holloway (Lost)

The dimples. The hair. The accent. The almost constant shirtlessness on Lost. What more can you want? I used to hate Sawyer, but Holloway makes him impossible to hate. He's turned what could be a cliche character into a surprisingly complex one, still irritating but hilarious, a charming smartass who is also ridiculously hot. He's a great actor, too, and the latest episode of Lost was possibly his best work yet.

4. Nathan Fillion (Castle)

Despite the stench of Whedon about him, Fillion has charmed his way into my cold, yet mushy heart. The man is not only cute as hell, but he's got a massive likeability factor that really should make him go mainstream soon. That grin of his.

I hate that this almost makes me want to watch more Firefly. Almost

5. Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find non-shirtless photos of this guy from the show? very hard.

Let me get this out of the way first: Grey's Anatomy is a lousy show. It started out soapy-good, but has lately turned into unending melodrama and annoying characters. But I watch it on reruns, or at least the episodes I can stomach. And through them all it's not Patrick Dempsey who stands out. He's boring. Boring like a piece of toast. No, it's Eric Dane as Mark (McSteamy, though I hate writing that word) who steals just about every scene he's in. He plays a sexy, womanizing cad and plays him damn well, and it helps that he's shirtless a lot of the time. A lot. And he's sexy, did I mention that?

^most of the photos are like that.

Honorable mentions:
Jamie Bamber (BSG)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy)
Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares)
Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)

That's my list.

Anyone you'd exclude? include?


Jeremy Feist said...

Although I will agree with you on all counts, I have on grievance here: You promise me 10 hot men and you give me 5?! This is an outrage? Oh I kid. I just like seeing Jon Hamm, Nathan Fillion and Eric Dane in one post. Weee!

Figgylicious said...

Woops. That's been corrected ;)

I couldn't think of 10 that really worked for me.

Lainey said...

Mmmmm, Sawyer.

That is all.

Lainey said...

Oh no wait! I would add Joel McHale. He's not conventionally hot, but his snarkasm (kudos to whoever threw that word out into the weboverse) and smile make him hot to me.

'Kay, now *that* is all.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you're insane.
Eric Dane can't act... He's boring as hell, especially now with Lexie Sue *eye roll*
(Don't get me wrong, he's hot, but boring. He used to be one of my favorite characters, but they ruined him for me...)

Patrick steals the show every episode. Just look at his performance in last ep. Amazing !!

Paddy is HOT as hell *drools*

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Mmmmm, Sayid. The best part? Is when you hear him speak in his real (British) accent. Also? He digs the older women. Oh. My. God. 3 hours alone in a room with him, that's all I ask. No, make it 4.

Personally, I would add Boreanaz on Bones. I mean, I already adored him from Buffy & Angel (and I know you hate Whedon, and I don't care), but man alive, he just keeps getting better! And there have been some shirtless instances of him in that show, which just makes me love him more.

Oh, also that guy on BSG who's also on Dollhouse now... what's-his-name... Tahmoh? The one everybody loves. Oh, he's a pretty one. He was shirtless on the last ep of that show, too. There is nothing about him that isn't hot.

Figgylicious said...

Anonymous: Patrick Dempsey just does absolutely nothing for me. He is so perfectly bland to my eyes.

Lainey: isn't that just an amazing photo of him. Mmm. And I love Joel McHale and his extremely tall self.

AvB: Boreanaz is...alright. He has a nice body, but his face is too...too something for me. Too square. He does look pretty charming, though.

And yeah! that guy! I remember him being a bit dumb but hot on BSG. But I don't really watch either of those shows, so I haven't been exposed to him that much, I guess.