Thursday, January 8, 2009


At Sofia's insistence:

Scourge the internet for the TACKIEST things you can find.

These are my first two submissions (and as Godtopus is my witness, I shall find more):

Because nothing, NOTHING is more tacky to me than someone wearing truly heinous clothes in public and thinking they're the classiest, most enviable things in the universe. It's precious.

And this:

Not only is this a marvel of tackyness and sluthood, but a miracle of gravity as well.

And now, to look around the internet for something I remember being the most horrible piece of home decoration I have EVER seen. ONWARDS!


Sofi said...

Wouldn't the last picture make a great costume??? Or something you'd wear to a wedding to steal the bride's thunder. Only it'd have to be lavender instead of white. Wearing white to somebody else's wedding is rude.

Pants said...

Awesome boobage!

Marra Alane said...

The last picture looks like anime porn come to life. Terrifyingly tacky!

Rusty said...

I don't have boobs, so maybe one of you who do can enlighten me, but is there any way you could wear that second dress and NOT end up showing people your nipples? It seems inevitable, and if you want people to see your nipples that badly, why not just wear the sheer top that you "didn't realize" was see through before leaving the house?

I'm so confused. I don't even trust my miniature chesticles with that amount of freedom, it just looks uncomfortable and risky. Someone could lose an eye.

Jeremy Feist said...

Say what you will. At midnight, they're turning back into pumpkins. Girl might as well get as much mileage out of them as she can.

moo... said...

so... which one of them will be your inspiration for the upcoming nuptials?

Figgylicious said...

Ahahaha Jeremy. I bet that's true.

Boo: A combination of the two, of course!

Lainey said...

Haaa, Figs, we were checking out the same site! I was looking at all of those photos with the ridiculous wedding dresses and the asinine bridesmaid get-ups and wondering if they were an elaborate joke or just WTF?

And, I've decided I'm going to Bedazzle
KLA-HASSY on my wedding dress. Probably across mah boobs. Maybe I'll just have my tiara spell it out..ooooh, don't steal that for your wedding, ok?