Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little bit of everything

Good frakking LORD but it was cold last night!

I was wearing THREE pairs of socks, my sweats, a cami and a t-shirt, had a sheet, TWO flannel blankets AND my comforter on top of me and I was STILL freezing. I had to wrap myself up into a cocoon and I finally fell asleep only to wake up 8 hours later sweating because it was so hot in my room. Stupid crazy Honduran weather.

It was like 52F. And I know some of you will just say 'weaaaak' but as I've said before, this house is made for heat and is very, very drafty, and has basically no insulation. No heating, of course, and we're on top of a hill getting all the wind we can. Not to mention that my windows (single panes, lots of drafty holes in them) face the mountain and are completely open to the wind. Wonderful in summer, horrible for the freak days when the weather gets all crazy like this. Anyway, point is, it was really fucking cold. My water was fridge-cold when I woke up this morning, which just never happens.

Anyway, the sun is out, it's windy and 72 degrees, and hopefully the cold front won't be so bad tonight.

Speaking of last night, how AWESOME was Lost? I was really excited, and it was totally worth the wait. It was back on prime form; exciting, mysterious, freaky, confusing as hell and just really well done all around. Two episodes weren't enough--I WANT MORE. I think just the feeling that this is finally going somewhere helps immensely, and no one was even annoying. Sayid is still fabulously hot.


*Ahem*. Yes! Hurrah for the return of a good drama!

In other TV news, my HBO is FINALLY showing reruns of the first season of Mad Men, in preparation for the second one. I don't get why this stupid station is so far behind, it can't take that long just to add some fucking subtitles to a show, can it? But anyway, it's there, and I'll finally get to see it. Saw the first episode last night and damn, I was hooked. And Zoey from West Wing? So awesome.

Hmm. Oscar Nominations were this morning. I hate that I've only seen ONE of the nominees (Dark Knight). I swear this isn't by choice. Honduran theaters only bring in the shittiest of American block busters, so there's absolutely no chance to watch smaller movies until they come out on DVD, and by the time that happens all the awards are over. And I really get into awards. Bleh. I can't wait to move somewhere with a wider range of movies.

The only movie I really want to watch is 'Slumdog Millionaire', as I love everything that Danny Boyle has ever done and I have such a crush on him. Will have to wait. And I'm pretty damned sick of hearing of Benjamin Button. I haven't seen it, but I hear it's crap, and I just don't like Brad Pitt that much. And I just randomly hate the name 'Benjamin Button'. Bugs me to no end.

Anyway. Have to write two book reviews, make some cookies, work on my friend's (not mine) bachelorette (what? wtf? why does spell check not think bachelorette is a word? fuck you, sexist spell check) party decorations and other small things like that.

Off to nurse my cramps and read. Toodles.

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