Saturday, January 24, 2009

A request for help!

Guys, I need help.

To anyone who reads this, please comment with ideas or suggestions.

See, we're throwing a bachelorette party for a good friend of mine from high school. And we need to figure out what we're gonna do for 3-4 hours that isn't eating, drinking, or possibly watching a stripper.

So, please comment with any suggestions for games, contests or the like. We have 5 prizes to give out and zero ideas. Have you been to a bachelorette party, or at least (if you're a guy) heard of one that was particularly cool? What did you do during it? Everything I'm looking at online looks totally cheesy and embarrassing, and not in a good way.

The party's next Saturday. We're going with a 'Moulin Rouge' theme. Any ideas would be MOST welcome.


Rusty said...

Um… I haven't really been to any bridal showers, since my one good friend who got married eloped. BUT, I have heard tell of a game where you team up and try to create the most convincing wedding dress out of toilet paper or tissues.

If you're going with a Moulin Rouge theme, why not "Pin the Dong on the Ewan" or "Nicole Kidman Botox Darts"? Both will get infinitely more fun with the addition of alcohol.

Marra Alane said...

I second Nicole Kidman Botox Darts. I've also been to one where we played balloon darts, and the balloons were condoms, which are surprisingly difficult to hit.

I've also been to one where the bride had to put on every piece of lingerie she got, and by the end she was just shrouded in silk and lace.

And I've been to one that was carnival themed, which sort of ties in with your Moulin Rouge theme. They just had silly games, and all the prizes were sex toys.

It's come to my attention that A)I know a lot of people who have been married and B) they were all perverts.

Have fun!

Jeremy Feist said...

Damn...Well, I can't quite think of anything that doesn't involve any of those three. Although I do enjoy the Nicole Kidman Botox Darts. Hmmmmm...Are you opposed to streaking? You are? Fuck. Okay, ummmm...Okay, I guess since it's Moulin Rouge, you could probably fit in some drunken Karaoke, right?

Figgylicious said...

Thanks, guys!

Oh, the games don't HAVE to be Moulin Rouge themed, just kinda fun games to spend the time.