Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've become one of them--the never-updating blogger

Gah. I've become one of those people who's always 'shocked' when they don't update, write an update about said shock, and don't update again for a month.

Sorry, guys. But the new job thing, when it's not killing any free time I have, kills my motivation and energy levels enough so that the last I want to try and do is write. Specially about Twilight. Brrr. On the other hand I always do feel good when I write something and let out some much-accumulated steam, so I should listen to myself more often and stop being so damn lazy and update.

So here you are: a 4:32am update. Entering the exciting world of Adulthood means that I have to be in at work at 7am, and because I don't have a car I need to take a bus, a train, and then another bus, all of which turns what would be a 15 minute car ride into a one hour trip on public transportation. It's not bad, actually- certainly miles above and beyond the system in Tegucigalpa, so I shouldn't even complain. Plus, having to take the bus is the only reason why I don't have to start at 6am or earlier. Brrr, again.

The job itself is pretty basic: the very definition of entry-level that takes few skills but a lot of energy and an understanding that you'll be working much harder than people a few steps above you. But it's a job, and at this point they've been the only ones to call me back, so I'm not complaining. I only really mind the early mornings; even the bad pay is alright because anything is good after two years of not making any money at all. And at least now I'll be able to list a job in the US as experience on my resume. And I like the physical activity of it, if maybe not the fact that I come home feeling pretty damn tired. But overall I just like the fact that I'm doing something again. I work with an alright group and though sometimes it can get chaotic at least I'm standing out to my bosses in a positive way. I'm thinking of staying on at least until Christmas- it's retail, so I wouldn't get many hours at all after that anyway.

In other news, the summer has FINALLY ended and we can all rejoice over that. I've never been so hot in my life, but I think I should be better about it next year when I'll be more used the shock if 110 degrees. It's actually about 54 degrees outside and the days have just been glorious. About damn time.

So, I'll go take a shower now and head off to the trenches once more. I'll try and get a few more chapters of "Breaking Dawn" (BRRR) in, and finally finish "Twilight" (or did I finish? can't even remember).

Don't forget to read my Project Runway recaps on Pajiba, they're the best on the planet. Or so I hear.

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