Friday, November 12, 2010

Songs I love by Artists I Don't Like So Much

I'm working on finally finishing the damned Twilight monstrosity, but to hold you over in your surely uncontainable excitement, here's a new feature I'd like to introduce.

As you can see from the very eloquent title up there, it's well, songs I love by artists I can't stand. You know, for all my snobbishness when it comes to TV, movies and books, I've never really been very big on music elitism. I can't really explain or understand it, but I've never worked myself up about certain singers or bands, with perhaps the notable exceptions of Elton John or, well, the Backstreet Boys when I was 15. I think after that I started to realize that bands come and go, and that I really did like a little bit of every type of music (even rap and country, bwah). And while there are artists that I truly do despise, I still let myself like something by people that only bother me and that I normally ignore. For example, I'll steer clear of anything by Katy Perry, I'll let something by Mariah Carey skate on by if I like the song enough. Point is: if I like a song, I'll like a song, and who is singing it won't matter unless it's under extreme circumstances.

All that confusing rant has led me to is this: I actually like a song by Avril Lavigne. Yes, she's a silly little girl pretending to be a punk rocker in the most laughable manner possible, but I still like this song for some damn reason. I think I just heard it at the appropriate time-- we weren't all exhausted by the tiny chick with the raccoon eyes, and I was just in the right mood to hear it and for it to endear itself to me.

Plus, it's just a nice little song. The lyrics are immature, of course, and her voice is quite obviously weak in parts, but there's something I like about it. And here ends my pathetic attempt at writing about music-- mostly I just like a song and I can't really be bothered to explain or understand why. So I'll just post the freakin' song already.

Here's "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne:

[Full disclosure: I didn't even watch the video]

And yes, I realize I just admitted to the internet that I like an Avril Lavigne song. And I posted it on my blog. That's the fun of it!

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