Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Hot Post: Figgy's New Crushes

I've given my blog over to my 15 year old self today, who, to be perfectly honest, is within 2 seconds of Normal Me at any given time, ready to take over at the mere sight of a really pretty boy on my TV. As I said over in the Twitterverse: I sincerely hope I never get too old to stop getting crushes on random male celebrities. What do you want from me? I'm allowed to like the pretty! MrFig told me so*. Plus, I need a distraction from waiting around and being stressed and dammit, it's my party and I'll objectify if I want to.

*I gather this from the fact that he just narrows his eyes and shakes his head when I point out how cute so-and-so is. I wonder if he'll read this and shake his head some more. Hi, honey!

Today's post is testament to the fact that my crushes are easily interchangeable, depending mostly on what my thirty-second attention span is focusing on at that moment. I mean, there's always the Unshakable Freebies (Eric Bana, Sean Bean, Christian Bale), but some crushes fade as they leave my screen, like Naveen Andrews or Reynaldo Giannechini. What can I tell you? My love, like life, is fickle. A leaf turning in the wind, drifting down the stream--

Oh god, shut up and show us some hot mens. Alright. Here we go.

1. Kyle Chandler

Hey, have you watched Friday Night Lights yet? Why the hell not? Don't be an idiot like I was for so long and stay away from one of the best shows of all time because you think it's just about football. Because it SO is not. It's brilliantly written and acted, and I've never seen such realistic portrayals of people and relationships before. It's amazing and you should all watch it. Plus, there's Taylor Kitsch goodness.

And look at that pretty, pretty smile!

Ooh, Kyle Chandler. One manly clench of that jaw, one look at that bristling head of hair and I'm a puddle of goo. He wears shorts and sneakers and still looks incredibly good. And he's got a voice to melt butter. Oh, Coach. You and your magnificent head of hair make my life happier.

Speaking of magnificent heads of hair...

2. Adam Scott

OK, this one's a little bit different for me. He's almost the complete opposite of my type--he's short, really skinny, and kinda weird looking. I mean, he has a giant head. And his hair makes him look like a hedgehog. But damn, this guy's got something that makes me giggle like a 15 year old.

Lemme give ya a little eyebrow

It's partly the fact that he's incredibly funny (speaking of shows you should watch, have you tried Party Down or Parks and Recreation? Because you seriously should) and has these incredible reactions to everything, and then he has this great voice, and the eyebrows, and just... HE IS SO DAMN CUTE:

And hedgehog like...

*Ahem* Yeah, I really can't get any more eloquent than that. I think this is a guy you need to watch act to get his appeal, though damn, he's cute in photos, too. He's quickly shot up my list of favorites, and I'll never tell anyone just how many times I've watched both of his shows lately. Over and over and over again. I have a problem.

Now, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we have...

3. Chris Hemsworth

Or as I like to call him: The Hemsworth that matters. The first time I looked at this dude I dismissed him as too pretty for my tastes. He's a former model and looks it, in those cheesy little poses. And then...oh, my.

I'm not even gonna beat around the bush on this one (*giggletitterIamagiantidiot*): the guy is huge. A mountain of a man. I mean, he's playing freakin' Thor, for crying out loud. And what with my complete obsession with any movie featuring superheroes, and, well, this:

And this:

The hammer is his...oh, shut up soon can I get tickets?

Speaking of movies I can't wait to see...

4. Richard Armitage

This sexy-voiced Brit first came to my attention after a friend recommended I watch the mini-series North and South, one of those dark-and-gloomy British period pieces. I loved it. He spent a lot of time brooding. In an incredibly sexy manner, of course:



His upcoming film? The Hobbit. Yeah, that one. Alas, he'll probably be all covered up in hair and many layers of clothes, so we won't get to see him like this:

Hey, PJ? I have an awesome idea for the Thorin character...


Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed putting this damned thing together.

May we never stop liking to look at the pretty men.


Lisa said...

I am stunned.

For the first time in a long time I am in nearly 100% agreement with you. What on earth is happening???? Floods in Australia, revolution across the mid-east, earthquakes in NZ and Japan, and now.... YOU LIKE THE SAME MEN I DO. If this isn't another sign of the impending apocalypse I don't know what is.*

1. Kyle Chandler has always been cuddly cute, all they back to his days on 'Homefront' and 'Early Edition.' He has grown up to be a fine looking gent

2. I can't even believe you like this guy. He is totally *my* type of guy, which means normally you would be mocking him until I ran from you in disgust. What on earth. (makes ominous noises). I've never heard of him or seen anything he's been in, but yeah... I approve.

3. Um. No. Moving on.

4. HE'S MINE HE'S MINE HE'S MINE HE'S MINE! Back off. Did I mention he's mine?

Please go watch MI5/Spooks. At least from Season 7 and on? Please do. You'll thank me. The hot bare-chested pic (from his first episode) is only one of many. And, let me reassure, he's a great great actor.

Ok then, I'm going to stop there. I think I might like MHP even better than SHP. The shocks never end.

* This is not meant to trivialize any of the horrible events of recent times. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

Hadar said...

Totally with you on Adam Scott. He's adorable. First saw him in Veronica Mars season one where he did a role that is definitely not his regular schtick - the guy can act. And also be photographed. :)