Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The comfy life...

Oooh, boy, I'm a liar. I keep thinking I need to update but then get extremely lazy as usual and then just...feh. And not like there's nothing going on, it's just the over-consuming lazy whenever I open up this blog. See? I'm already bored and thinking of things I need to go look up.

I blame super-fast internet, a new TV and Netflix. Oooh, yeah, baby. Newlywed life is sweet.

But, really, life is good and exciting and I'm really liking Dallas so far. It's such a completely different place from Honduras, and maybe in a future entry I'll try to explain the many reasons why. This could be come a whole displaced-person type of account.

Anyway, I'll get back to my reading. Getting through "The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire", a massive history book that's got me completely hooked. It's just all murder, betrayal, depravity...followed by murder, betrayal, depravity and death. Brilliant stuff.

fun times! I promise to update more often, at least once a week. I'll force myself to stick to that.

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Sin said...

so you got a phone over there yet? oh, and also a mailing address, to send you a WoW free trial account. you'll be hooked in a day and, look it, you got all this free time, don't you? :)