Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Whining Wednesday!

OK, so even though this is really a hellish week, I need to make an effort to look at things positively today. So here's some good things, in list form. Because I like lists:

1) Honduran bureaucracy is hell on earth. But my adventure's yesterday are over, and I managed to get my police certificate today.
2) Will call the registry and if things are the way they should be, I won't need to go back to that hellhole again. I have two birth certificates and hopefully they're the right kind. It's insane to even think there might be two types and I have the wrong ones. Ugh. it's just a damn birth certificate!
3) Doctor's appointment tomorrow. With that, I'll have collected all my paperwork. It's gonna be a pain in the ass, but it'll be over with fast.
4) Interview in 12 days. I'm terrified and excited and I can't wait. Jeebus, you guys, I might finally get married.
5) Glee tonight. That last episode made me cry with the Queen goodness. Somebody to Love is my favorite song of all time, and they rocked the hell out of it. I wish I could sing like that.
6) I bought a strawberry pastry at the bakery and I will gorge on it this afternoon. It's a reward for the pain of bureaucracy.
7) The political situation here might be moving along. Might. I'm carefully optimistic--these guys have a terrible record when it comes to "dialogue", but maybe something good will come of it. MUST. BE. OPTIMISTIC.
8) With all the craziness this week I'm glad I don't have to write a Pajiba column today. Remind me to send Doran a fruit basket.
9) Mmmm. Pastry.


The Management said...

As a bureaucrat, I would like to apologize. So if you would please fill out form 143-B-J I would be happy to start processing said apology.

No probs on the EE.

Anonymous said...

i guess it was inevitable.

i also bought a strawberry pastry today.

(and there will be a BIG prob on the EE if admin turned his blind eye toward my witty-nisms. wait. was i even funny this week? i don't think i was. so if i win, you know it was rigged and you can't trust canadians anymore.)

Lainey said...

Look at you finding all those things to be positive about! YAY for Figgerella! I really hope you don't have to jump through any more hoops. And I really hope your government calms the hell down and straightens things out; that must be stressful. And finally, I really hope that strawberry pastry tastes as good as it sounds!